Philosophy: Many Questions, Many Answers

Questioning Everything: Philosophy

Why are we here? How do we think? What is a thought, do you exist? Are we all a thought in the mind of some greater complex being? How do we learn? Am I an illusion? Are you an illusion? Is there a part of us that is an eternal "soul" ? How did we get here? What really happens to us when we die? Where are we before we are born? How do we know what we know? What is the nature of the universe? Questions, Questions, Questions. Philosophy asks questions which cannot be easily answered. There are plenty of people who think they have the answers, but how do we really KNOW? I do not propose to answer any questions here, simply give anyone who is interested the tools to ask questions and find their own answers. For me, philosophy is self-defining. We study what others believe so that we can discover what we ourselves believe. While you have been alive on this earth, you have asked some or all of the questions philosophy attempts to answer, what do you think about them? Ask yourself these questions, see if you come up with anything. For some of you these answers might be answered by a spiritual faith, for others reason and thought. Where ever your quest leads you, it is YOURS, let no one take possession of it and tell you what to believe. Ask your own questions and find your own answers, it is the only way to be truly free.

Philosophy has several areas of study, they are:




  • Aesthetics Online
  • Int'l Association of Empirical Aethetics
  • The American Journal of Aestheics
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  • American Society for Aesthetics
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  • Logic

  • Factasia Logic
  • Association for Symbolic Logic
  • LogicAl
  • Mission: Critical
  • Journal of Logic and Computation
  • Research Groups for Logic and Other areas
  • Ethics

  • International Journal of Ethics
  • Ethics Center
  • Ethics Updates
  • Applied Ethics Resources
  • Legal Ethics on the Internet
  • Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
  • Society for Ethics
  • Institute for Global Ethics

  • General Philosophy Links

  • Eric's Philosophy Page
  • The American Philosophical Association
  • Women In Philosophy
  • Philosophy in Cyberspace
  • Univ of Washington Philosophy Resources
  • Philosophical Papers On-line
  • Philosophy Links
  • Eastern and Western Philosophy
  • Critical Thinker
  • On-line Dictonary of Philosophical Terms
  • Greek Philosophy Page
  • Introduction to Philosophy Page
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  • The Philosophy Garden
  • The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy
  • Bjorn's Guide to Philosophy
  • Alexandria on the Web
  • The Continental Report

  • Philosophical Beliefs and the People who believe them

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